About Gen2 ABS Anti-Lock Braking System with WiFi Diagnostics

Smart ECU. Smart Investment

Trailer monitoring and control is critical for any fleet or vehicle operator on the road today. From safe stopping to rollover prevention to cargo protection and more, the trailer anti-lock braking system (ABS) plays a key role in productivity and uptime. For maximum time on the road, you need a cost-effective ABS solution that’s easy to install and maintain while taking advantage of the latest in communications technology.

Introducing Gen2 Trailer ABS from Globetech MFG Inc. Gen2 allows you to quickly and easily replace your existing trailer ABS electronic control unit (ECU) for unparalleled trailer monitoring and control with more capabilities. Standard ABS ECUs utilize external tools and software for system diagnostics. Gen2 is a SMART ECU that does not require the use of external software for diagnostics and fault codes. By integrating exclusive control logic into the ABS governing hub and information portal, Gen2 allows for highly efficient diagnostic evaluation and dramatically lower cost of operation.

The First to Offer Intelligent Interface

Gen2 offers revolutionary communication capabilities. It is the first trailer ABS to incorporate a Wi-Fi access point that sends diagnostics to any smart phone or tablet. Now you can receive mobile alerts including the most complete diagnostic tools. Future plans for Gen2’s intelligent interface include additional monitoring capabilities such as brake and pad wear, tire inflation, trailer tracking and more. All to enhance your condition-based trailer maintenance programs.

Take advantage of the industry-first Gen2 intelligent interface and be at the forefront of innovative trailer ABS diagnostic communications.


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